Reflections In Brick

By: catherineross

Apr 18 2011

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Just off Russell Street running parallel to Gratiot is an old brick road leading downtown. It had just finished raining when I took this shot and the puddles seemed like ponds in the uneven brick road. I did some research to see if I could find out when these roads were laid out. I couldn't find much information. Originally all the roads in Detroit were cobblestone or brick as late as the 1940's and 1950's. Little by little they have been paved over, but many still remain in pockets around the City. Just another off beat view of the "D".


3 comments on “Reflections In Brick”

  1. First off I have SO missed your blog the last week or so! I am going to catch up on all the images I missed as soon as I can. Secondly this is a gorgeous shot. My favorite thing is the reflection!! I just love a reflection in a photo, no idea why but I do. Fantastic work as always my friend!

  2. Oh my God, where to start here!! I love the reflections in the water pooled, and all the textures and details really really reward the viewer who spends some time soaking it all in!! What a top drawer capture Cathy, I truly LOVE it!!

  3. This is amazing! Love the reflection and the graffiti and the tower thingy in the background!

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