Chili In The “D”

By: catherineross

Apr 21 2011

Category: Uncategorized


A view looking out from the ticket booths at Comerica Park across town. Chelis Chili was created by Chris Chelios, super star Red Wings Player and it really is the best Chili in town! Also, Id like to say thank you to Toad who inspired me to try some new settings with Photomatix, a program I use to edit alot of my "D" photos. Check out his amazing work at Toad Hollow Photo, linked on my homepage of UrbanGritt. Hope you have a fantastic day!


4 comments on “Chili In The “D””

  1. Hi, a nice shot and great processing. I have a link to Toad Hollow Blog, and enjoy his photos. You are really doing a great job of photos in the D…

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love your processing work my dear, it really takes everything to the next level!

  3. Very nice processing!

  4. FABULOUS textures, details and colors in today’s post Cathy, how wonderful! I love Detroit and your blog really gives us a glimpse into what you see everyday. Great stuff, to say the least!

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