The Water Cycle

By: catherineross

Apr 22 2011

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I was following signs to get back on M10 in the area north of New Center when my eye caught this wall mural. Naturally, I pulled over and snapped a few shots. Detroit has so many interesting surprises. Have a wonderful day!


8 comments on “The Water Cycle”

  1. Cathy, I lived in Detroit (Taylor) until I was 14 and have visited many times since. I’m not a fan of the town, but I see many things differently through your images. Thank you for the alternative perspective!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jim! I really appreciate that! I have lived here about 25 years and, like you, I’ve felt disillusioned many times for a variety of reasons. And while Detroit has much work to do ahead, I decided to take a positive slant and try to showcase the good and the not so good in a better than bad kind of way 🙂

  2. Cathy… Yes Detroit has many surprises… I sure we will discover many more.

  3. Thats some beautiful street art. Wonderful capture!

  4. Wow! That mural is fabulous!

  5. Thanks Bonnie! Your kind and thoughtful comments leave a big old smile on my face every day!

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