Incense And Imports

By: catherineross

Apr 26 2011

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The expressway runs right through Eastern Market. The market "proper" has five "sheds" several of which are fairly elaborate and heated. At the end of the sheds, across the parking lot, is an enclosed walkway over the expressway leading to "Gratiot Central" which is the butcher section of the market. On the walkway in the summer, vendors set up and sell their wares. It's an artsy group selling candles, brightly colored sari skirts and dresses made in India, African drums and rattles, leather belts and bracelets, and much more. The smell of incense burning fills the air. This is a photo of some of the colorful fabrics hanging on the fence and in the background are buildings in the market. I have some portraits of the vendors coming.


2 comments on “Incense And Imports”

  1. I REALLY want to come there and go on a photo adventure! Love this shot, the composition is so cool!

  2. Great photo Cathy, you sure do have a way to make folks want to come to Detroit, I’m totally with Mindy on this one!!

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