Gateway To Freedom

By: catherineross

May 03 2011

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Hart Plaza is on the Riverfront downtown and one of the bronze statues, "Gateway to Freedom" is right on the waterfront. It was sculpted by Ed Dwight and dedicated in 2001. Long before Detroit became known as the "Motor City" it was known as "Midnight" code name for it's stop in the underground railway due to its close proximity to Canada. The underground railway was active between 1830 and 1865. During this time, thousands of African American Slaves escaped, through treacherous conditions, to find freedom in Canada, with Detroit as the final stop. Seymour Finney was the President of the Underground Railway in Detroit. He would hide the slaves in his barn on his farm in the suburbs of Detroit, and when the bounty catchers were completely drunk at his tavern, he would lead the slaves to freedom. This statue shows the slaves looking across the Detroit River to Canada.


6 comments on “Gateway To Freedom”

  1. Great urban landscape Cathy and wonderful story behind it! Good job!

  2. Fantastic! Really love this one!

  3. Nice composition. I really love the buildings in the background – it looks very sharp!

  4. WOW!!! Yes I know I just said wow on the other comment but I mean what else can I say. That is an awesome shot! The processing that you did on this is just wonderful.

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