Private Eyes

By: catherineross

May 09 2011

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...are watching you...they see your every move! Literally. Let me explain. I work for a very cool non-profit organization that sometimes gets involved in controversial initiatives, but in a good way, because we promote consensus building and problem solving with divergent stakeholders. A recent initiative that I worked on was "how can the region collaborate to build an integrated global freight hub in Detroit and Southeast Michigan." Here in Detroit we have rail infrastructure, international crossings including a bridge and tunnel to Canada, an international airport, and waterway, all of which support a global logistics hub. This week we were given a private tour of SW Michigan where much of the rail infrastructure exists as well as the Ambassador bridge crossing and the area identified for the proposed DRIC (Detroit River International Crossing) bridge project. I won't get into the political innuendos, but our tour took us into some areas requiring strict homeland security. I took this near one of those areas.


6 comments on “Private Eyes”

  1. Very interesting! Thank you for the back story 🙂

  2. Very nice shot! I love your use of the mirror in this photo!

  3. What a great blog entry and a fabulous photo to go along with it today, Cathy! I really enjoyed it! The composition is absolutely wonderful, that mirror is truly the star of this shot, no doubt about it!!

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