Cut Of Dequindre

By: catherineross

May 23 2011

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I spent a couple of hours wandering the "Dequindre Cut" yesterday. It was an absolutely picture perfect day. I met alot of nice people who were also enjoying the beautiful weather. The Dequindre Cut is an Urban Walkway/Bikeway that several large non-profit organizations pooled their money to create. It runs along the old Grand Funk Railway, and the old walls are a canvas for the talented Graffiti artists around town. This view shows part of a wall that was actually commissioned looking down towards the Detroit River, where the pathway begins.


9 comments on “Cut Of Dequindre”

  1. It’s cool that there’s a place for these artists to show out! Nice image!

    • Thanks Jim! It really is cool…the cops and City encourage artists to be creative there. If someone paints something inappropriate, they white wash over it so another artist can paint something else. It’s a really neat subculture in Detroit and I’m trying to learn more about it.

  2. Lovin’ the colors Cathy! Nice shot and great processing!

  3. Great shot! Love how the colors pop!

  4. Sorry I have been MIA but I promise I have been checking out your shots just not a lot of time to comment. As usual you make me state WOW when I open your page!

  5. This is fantastic Cathy! You captured such detail in the wall on the right, and this give such a great feeling of depth!

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