All Tracks Lead To Detroit

By: catherineross

Jun 22 2011

Category: Uncategorized


Royal Oak is another Cool City with tons of Gritt. It's about 10 miles or so from the "D" and believe me when I say, it has a culture of it's own. These tracks do in fact lead to Detroit and ultimately through the high security underground tunnel I posted several months ago. I have several more images of Royal Oak to follow.


6 comments on “All Tracks Lead To Detroit”

  1. Nice one Cathy! I really like the colors in this one!

  2. One of these days I’m going to wear out the “this is my favorite picture of yours!” keys here on my keyboard! WOW, Cathy, this is just SO awesome. I love the composition and framing you chose for this one, and your processing TOTALLY brought that bike right out of the screen at us here! Incredible work, my friend!

  3. Love your processing and shallow DOF in this image. Strong intense colors compliment layers of information about life on the tracks.

  4. Really like the way you processed this. Very artistic.

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