Action In The Bullpen

By: catherineross

Jun 26 2011

Category: Uncategorized


I'm going to do a mini series called "Action In The Bullpen" on UrbanGritt. Let me explain. First of all, I'm obsessed with Justin Verlander. He's an amazing pitcher!! I am going to try to go to every home game he pitches in for the remainder of the season. Seriously, if I could be "anything" I would be a pitcher for a major league! 🙂 Anyway, I picked up a ticket Saturday morning for $19.00 and I had the best seat in the house from my perspective. I was front row in the bullpen. I could see the expression on every pitchers face throughout the game. Yes, I was in heaven! Here is JV warming up. He goes on to pitch 8 straight innings allowing only 4 hits and 0 runs. Papa Grande comes out to close in the 9th, but that's jumping ahead. The weather was gorgeous and I forgot I went all by myself. LET'S PLAY BALL!!!


2 comments on “Action In The Bullpen”

  1. very nice shot.. looking forward to the mini series,

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